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Our diverse network of nationally certified recovery agents will secure your assets in a safe, professional, lawful, and litigation free manner every time. Recovery Solutions doesn’t just hire anyone, our recovery agents have been handpicked, highly trained, and possess all the skills necessary to safely recover your assets quickly and litigation free.

Recovery Solutions agents are strategically positioned throughout the US, and we are continuously growing and positioning our agents to reach your assets quickly while providing convenient access to airports and metropolitan areas when possible.

Reconditioning &

Recovery Solutions has the space and resources available in house at our Greater Minneapolis – St. Paul location to make repairs, de-letter, wash, and detail your assets to maximize the return on your assets. When a lender decides to remarket their assets through Recovery Solutions, we provide the client very thorough pictures of assets inside and out, we provide the client with a FMV and Market Trend Report, and we also list assets on our website’s inventory page hosted by Sand Hills Global to gain the national attention needed, as well as other platforms like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. 

Recovery Solutions charges a flat fee percentage from the gross proceeds of a sale. Storage fees are waived when a client elects to have Recovery Solutions remarket their assets, certain assets that require a climate-controlled warehouse or other specialty assets are on a case-by-case basis. All offers are tracked electronically and forwarded to the client, proceeds from sales are handled directly by the client, ensuring clean and transparent sales between Recovery Solutions and the lender every time.

Collections &
Field Visits

Often confused with a “collection call,” our recovery agents are dispatched to the customers given location to discuss their delinquency, inspect and photograph assets, and put the client and customer back in communication. Recovery Solutions is highly effective in resolving these problem accounts before escalation and acceleration. Our recovery agents are trained to listen and look for critical details and provide information to the lender that could otherwise be missed by a phone call or lost in translation with forwarding companies. Field calls are extremely effective, and we charge a flat fee, not a percentage basis like forwarding companies.


Numbers on paper don’t always tell the complete story. When you and your underwriters are unsure about a customer’s ability to pay, or something doesn’t seem quite right in underwriting, we will dispatch our recovery agents to provide you with on-site pictures and inspection reports before and after you fund a deal.

Asset Inspections &
Condition Reports

Lenders want to be ensured that their assets are in good working and mechanical condition from time to time. When an order for an inspection assignment comes through, Recovery Solutions will dispatch an agent out to inspect the client’s asset(s), photograph the asset(s), and provide a detailed condition report to the client.


Is your recovery department hemorrhaging money with less than subpar results and customer service through forwarding companies and other repossession vendors? Are you tired of your accounts not being ran properly, paying exuberant close fees, tow bills, and other frivolous “pass through” costs associated with forwarding companies and other repossession vendors? We’re here to help! Feel free to reach out to Recovery Solutions to help come up with a customized recovery plan to minimize loss to your financial institution when dealing with repossessions and recoveries. 

Replevin Services

Recovery Solutions works very closely with several prominent attorneys and law firms locally and throughout the US, feel free to reach out if you’re a lender in need of a local attorney or an attorney in our nationwide network that can address your companies needs as they may arise.

Nationwide Drive Away &

Recovery Solutions offers Nationwide Drive Away and Heavy Haul solutions to our lenders that may need assets strategically moved around the country for remarketing or buyers that are purchasing assets and need them transported out of state or just down the road. Please feel free to reach out to our team for a detailed transport quote.

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