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What makes Recovery Solutions
different from the rest?

Recovery Solutions is a fully insured and bonded woman owned commercial repossession agency that specializes in all facets of commercial grade repossessions. Recovery Solutions specializes in in ag equipment, yellow iron, trucks and trailers, coach busses, cranes, tow-trucks, forestry, mining, industrial machines, medical equipment, luxury RVs, and motor homes.


Recovery Solutions team leaders have been repossessing commercial trucks and equipment since 1975. That’s more than 20 years before our competitors even began. Unlike many of our competitors, our team leaders are proven experts in the industry and have more than 145 years of combined “boots on the ground” knowledge and experience in the field where it matters the most.


Recovery Solutions diverse network of recovery agents have been rigorously trained and certified through the Certified Commercial Recovery Agent (CCRA) national training program ensuring that clients get the best-in-class service.

Our network of recovery agents will serve you and your customers with the highest level of integrity, professionalism, brand awareness, and ethical standards while repossessing your assets quickly and litigation free.


Recovery Solutions has formed strategic alliances with some of the nation’s leading commercial repossession agencies, such as Mark Lacek of Commercial Asset Solutions of Florida and Ben Edwards of Triton Recovery and Commercial Services of Georgia to serve the commercial finance industry and their customers in a better way, offer more coverage, and a nationwide footprint amongst these other proven leaders as needed.


When lenders partner with Recovery Solutions, not only are they hiring a best-in-class commercial recovery service, but they are also investing in a safer future for the repossession industry. Recovery Solutions sets the bar in compliance, professionalism, brand awareness, and liability reduction.


Recovery Solutions insurance policies are the best of the best. They are written specifically for the repossession and recovery industry and unlike most towing and garage keeper’s policies, they also cover wrongful repossessions, driven assets, errors and omissions, and personal property.

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