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What makes Recovery Solutions
different from the rest?

Recovery Solutions is a fully insured and bonded nationwide commercial repossession agency that specializes in all facets of commercial grade repossessions. Our companies’ stock in trade specialties are: ag equipment, construction equipment, trucks and trailers, coach and shuttle busses, limousines, cranes, tow-trucks, forestry equipment, mining equipment, industrial machines, medical equipment, luxury RVs, and motor homes. 

Our management, team leaders, and recovery agents are proven industry leaders and experts in commercial grade recovery and collectively have more than 100 years of combined “boots on the ground” experience in the recovery industry. Our experience is in the field where it matters the most. Recovery Solutions prides itself on a 90% or better recovery and resolution rate with 1st placements that haven’t been burned or tipped off by our competitors. 

All placements are managed directly by our agency. Our management team, team leaders, and recovery agents have firsthand knowledge of all events from start to finish. This guarantees that our agents have the necessary information needed in the field to safely and effectively secure collateral and while minimizing potential risk and liability to lenders. 

Recovery Solutions understands that once an asset is assigned out for repossession, time is of the essence and assets are depreciating. You will never get a “smoke and mirrors” fluffed update from Recovery Solutions wasting your employees time, but what you will get are factual updates by a repossession industry professional telling your asset manager’s exactly what’s going on in the field with your customer and your assets. 

Our team can also collaborate with the client to either deliver assets directly to an auction or remarketing location of choice, or work with the client to recondition and sell assets off our yard at a fraction of the costs incurred by auction companies or other third-party vendors. This eliminates costly additional expenses, such as storage charges and multiple move and permit fees. 

Recovery Solutions loves a challenge, feel free to give us a call regarding your charged off assets previously worked by other repossession and forwarding companies! 


Recovery Solutions team leaders and agents have been repossessing commercial trucks and commercial grade equipment since 1995. That’s more than 10 years before our competitors even began. Unlike many of our competitors, our team leaders are proven experts in the industry and have more than 100 years of combined “boots on the ground” knowledge and experience in the field where it matters the most.


Recovery Solutions has formed strategic alliances with some of the nation’s leading commercial repossession agencies, such as Mark Lacek of Commercial Asset Solutions of Florida, to serve the commercial finance industry and their customers in a better way, offering more coverage, and a nationwide footprint amongst these other proven leaders.


Recovery Solutions insurance policies are written specifically for the repossession and recovery industry, unlike most towing and garage keeper’s policies, they also cover wrongful repossessions, driven assets, errors and omissions, personal property, and cyber security.

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