What makes Recovery Solutions different from the rest?

All placements are handled directly by our agency. We have firsthand knowledge of all events from start to finish. This guarantees that our agents possess the necessary skills to safely complete assignment’s, minimizing potential risk and liability.

Direct drop.

Our agents will work with the client to either deliver direct to an auction or remarketing location of choice or work with the client to recondition and sell off our yard direct at a fraction of the costs incurred by auction companies or other 3rd party vendors. This eliminates additional expenses, such as storage charges and multiple move fees.

Our agents and team members have experience backed by more than 25 years in the recovery industry. Our experience is in the field, where it matters the most!

Our assignments – Our Agents

When clients place an account, we service that account directly. We are not a forwarding company acting between client and contractor. Recovery Solutions agents and employees operate from 1 of our 5 locations across the Midwest to serve our clients’ needs.

One call – That’s all

Recovery Solutions takes the ball and runs with it. From the moment your account is placed, we take service beyond the next level. Our team handles everything from the initial recovery to transport. Our clients save time by not having to track assets and call around looking for updates. Our streamlined recovery process eliminates unwarranted costs and expense.

Technology that Makes a Difference

RDN: Assignment tracking and compliance ensures hard copies and sensitive case files stay in the office.

Clear: A Data platform that is unmatched in debtor / asset location research. As a direct agent to the client, this technology is available to the client at all times. No need to wait on another source. This allows the information obtained to work as designed and without delay.

Body Cameras: Recovery Solutions has partnered with Axon Enterprises, the leader in body camera technology worn by law enforcement. Body cameras are activated by our agents approximately 1-block from a customers given address and left on throughout the entire repossession process as an extra level of transparency to the client.

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