Recovery Solutions LLC provides lawful & professional asset recovery services in Minnesota & Wisconsin!

Commercial Repo Specialists

Recovery Solutions LLC offers professional asset recovery services in MN & WI.  Our main focus is on commercial orders but we also service consumer accounts for independently owned banks, credit unions, leasing companies, direct lenders as well as forwarding companies.

As you are looking for professional recovery services in MN and WI, look no further than Recovery Solutions LLC.  Our Insured and certified team knows how to lawfully locate & secure your defaulted collateral & turn trouble accounts into simple solutions.

Insured & Certified:

Our Agents are CARS Certified
We carry repo specific insurance
Our actions are smart & protected!
Accord form is available upon request.

Efforts are Backed by GPS

We must get within 1 mile to Update.
GPS is captured as Updates submit.
Updates don’t exist without true effort.
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Professional Updates

We generate High Detail Updates.
Our App asks us ?'s & we select answers.
We ALL create HD Updates every time.
Our clients get HD Updates regularly.


Recovery Solutions in Minnesota & Wisconsin is Certified through CARS!


Update: by VArepo helps us digitally manage everything!

Commercial Experts

Recovery Solutions in MN & WI is Certified specifically for Commercial Recoveries!

Experienced Staff

Not only does our team bring decades of experience to the table, but we also require our agents to complete a CARS certification course to help keep everyone safer.

When  you are looking for lawful & thorough efforts on your trouble accounts, look no further than Recovery Solutions, LLC.  We rely on our knowledge & tactics to create seamless & simple solutions for our clients.

Here To Help You

If you find yourself having a difficult time in finding a repo team outside of our service area, contact us and we will gladly help by pointing you in the direction of others we know on this side of the industry who may be able to help you.  We are nested deep within our industry & have networked with many repo teams so if you are having trouble finding someone in a specific area, contact us & we will be happy to help in this as well if possible.

Large Service Area

We offer asset recovery service through a 200 mile wide area in MN & WI so please use our Zip Code and City search feature to check for exact service area details.  If you are looking for lawful repossession services within our service area, look no further than Recovery Solutions & contact us today.

Recovery Solutions provides asset recovery services in Wisconsin & Minnesota!
Recovery Solutions LLC provides lawful & professional asset recovery services in Minnesota & Wisconsin!