Our mission is simple. To provide a professional, service to the client, second to none.  Our recovery agents will never jeopardize the integrity of the client, or the rights and safety of the customer.

Our goal is to maintain the small business strategy of prioritizing the needs of the client.  Training and knowledge of professional repossession industry standards is our stock-in-trade.

"We have utilized Recovery Solutions for several years now and they are outstanding at thinking outside the box to get the job done. There isn't a task I wouldn't send to RS. They have been our fail safe for years to accomplish very difficult tasks."

- Shawn Seuss – Special Assets


Recovery Solutions is a fully insured and bonded nationwide commercial repossession agency that specializes in all facets of commercial grade repossessions. Our companies’ stock in trade specialties are: ag equipment, construction equipment, trucks and trailers, coach and shuttle busses, limousines, cranes, tow-trucks, forestry equipment, mining equipment, industrial machines, medical equipment, luxury RVs, and motor homes. 

Recovery Solutions team leaders and agents have been repossessing commercial trucks and commercial grade equipment since 1995. That’s more than 10 years before our competitors even began. Unlike many of our competitors, our team leaders and agents are proven experts in the industry and collectively have more than 100 years of combined “boots on the ground” knowledge and experience in the field where it matters the most. 


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